Are you facing limitations? do this

Are you Facing Limitations? Do This
29 Sep 2023 | By Pst. Gitahi Daniel


A limitation is a restriction that prevents you from achieving something. 

Do you feel like there is a certain line that you cannot seem to cross in life? 

It could be in your finances, prayer life and more. We seek to establish why and how to break free. 


What is most likely to limit you:

1. Your Current Situation 

The circumstances you are going through can contribute a big deal to limiting your life, especially if you are going through challenges. 

2. Previous Experiences

For instance, you took loans for your business, but did not work out in the past. You can't seem to get over it, as to get another loan to service your business. 

3. Other People's experiences

When you lean on other people's negative experiences, by getting advice from what they experienced, you will be limited. 

4. Other People's Words

When people tell you that you can't do or achieve. Parents should be careful with the words they use on their children. Words are and can be very limiting. 

Limitations are controlling. They drive you.  

There are people limited in business, education, life etc. 

See These Four Kinds of Limitations 

1. Mental Limitations 

In Num 13, the ten spies sent by Moses to spy the land brought a negative report. 

They were so limited mentally, that they forgot that the same God had delivered them from Egypt. They forgot all the powerful acts of God in the course of their journey in the wilderness.  

Thankfully, Joshua and Caleb were not mentally limited. 

They saw a possibility where others saw none. Num 14: 6-10 

The other spies saw themselves as grasshoppers in the eyes of the descendants of Anak in the land they went to spy (Num 13:33) 

1 John 4:4 says that we have overcome them, because greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world. 

See yourself as a David being used of God and not Goliath being used of Satan. 

2. Social Limitations 

You don't want to socialize or be with other people. 

This goes especially for the people that had social lives, and healthy relationships, but suddenly changed.

There is a demonic program intiated to hinder your relationships.  

3. Financial Limitations

There are people who don't go beyond a certain point in finances.

You find that there is a program in the spirit, working against them where they are not supposed to have more money. When they do, that money goes into other unnecessary uses such as taking care of hospital bills. 


 4. Spiritual Limitations

There are people who don't go beyond a certain point in prayers, the Word, fasting and such spiritual practices.

Whenever they try to break that barrier something will stop them. 

The devil has limited you spiritually because he knows that your breakthrough is right where you break these limitations. 

In Isaiah 6:1 Isaiah's eyes were opened when Uzziah died. He was still a prophet before the death of Uzziah but with limitations. 

There are limitations in the form of 'Uzziah,' and they have to die so that you can move on. 

Some dreams also indicate that one's life is limited. If you keep seeing yourself in your old life, for instance in primary school, yet you don't live that life anymore, there are limitations in your life. 

1 Chronicles 4 talks of Jabez. In Verse 10, he cried out to God to do these five things. 

1. That God would bless him.

2. That God would enlarge his territory.

3. That God's hand might be with him.

4. That God would keep him from harm/evil 

5. That he would be free from pain.


The best part is that God heard him and granted his requests. 

A restricted person is limited and cannot go beyond a certain barrier in life. 

A life that has limitations is marked by fear, hopelessness, failures, poverty, setbacks, backwardness and such.

The good thing is that all these can change in the place of prayer and total dependence on God. The same God that heard Jabez is at work today. 

Please beware that sin, curses, and the powers of darkness can also bring limitations in your life. 

Do seek higher spiritual intervention when these setbacks persist.


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