Benefits of afflictions

11 Jan 2023 | By Pst. Gitahi Daniel

Although it does not seem obvious, afflictions are loaded with benefits. 

That period of hardships and pain is supposed to bring out a better version of you. 

We'll look at the benefits of afflictions in this write up


Benefits of Afflictions 


 1. Afflictions Purify us 


Psalms 66:10 'For You, O God, have tested us; You have refined us as silver is refined.' 


The Psalmist in Psalms 139:23- 24 makes a sincere prayer to God to search his heart to see if there is any wicked way in him. 

He continues to ask God to lead him in the way everlasting. 


2. To Teach us Patience 


Rom 5: 3-5 talks of what afflictions/perseverance truly produces in us. 

A person that has gone through disciplinary afflictions especially, has a different character from those that have never gone through such training. 

Patience is one important character that every believer ought to have. Most people learn patience in the place of afflictions. 


3. Prayer is Quickened 

In the place of afflictions, people are driven into prayer. 

The prayers of an afflicted person are very different from the prayers of those in their comfort zones. 

A person is most likely to run to God because of the hardships that they are going through. 


4. Afflictions Help Us to Understand Scriptures 

The more afflicted one is, the more they will draw strength from the Word of God. 

In the seasons of pain, you will find scriptures that really talk to you. 


5. We Get Testimony 

The word testimony comes from the word test. There is no testimony where one did not go through a test to overcome. 


6. To Get Stamina 

We get strength from afflictions. 

People's words and accusations never get the better part of people with stamina. 

These people don't take their time to address back whatever accusations are hurled at them because they are strong. 


7. We Get Compassion 

People become compassionate because of going through hardships. It is hard to relate when you have not been in a similar situation. 


8. To Get Humility 

It is in the school of the Spirit, where humility is acquired. 

He tests us to humble us. 

Some people can be very arrogant when their seasons of upliftment finally come. 

Afflictions are very important to train such people so that when their time for uplifting comes, they will be humble. 


Afflictions have a lot of benefits. Instead of complaining while going through difficult situations, with difficult people, focus on what the hard situations are meant to bring out in you.


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