Demonic afflictions - rev. gitahi daniel

Demonic Afflictions - Rev. Gitahi Daniel
15 Dec 2022 | By Pst. Gitahi Daniel


Demonic afflictions are often in very unfortunate family and individual patterns of struggle, misfortunes and lack. 

It is the devil putting people through afflicting situations. He thrives in putting people though pain and distressing situations. 

According to Psalms 91:5, there is an arrow that flies by the day.

These are arrows that the devil throws, aimed at the children of God.  

John 10:10 says that the devil comes but to steal, kill and destroy. 

We'll look at the different types of arrows that fly from the kingdom of darkness, targeted at believers. 


 1. The Arrow of Death 


Premature deaths, for instance, are not in God's plan for you. Psalms 91:16 echoes this; With long life I will satisfy you. 

David makes a declaration in Psalms 118:17 that he won't die but will live to declare the works of the Lord. 

There are homes with so many graves that people live in fear of being next to face death. 


Spiritual deaths are also a reality. If you used to be an adent doer of the word of God but are no longer doing it, it means you died spiritually. 

This precedes physical death. Beware of the scriptures that speak of life and make them your declarations. 


2. The arrow of Afflictions 


Afflictions are prevalent in the Body of Christ. Joblessness, begging, illnesses, and such, are an indication of the same. 


3. The Arrow of Confusion and Division 

Some people are too confused pertaining to what they want to do in their lives. 

They are therefore not living their lives as they ought. 

This arrow from darkness renders one useless, or not completely sufficient as they should. 

Deut 8:18 says that it is God who gives us the ability to make wealth. Some people work so hard but these arrows can not let them be. 

God separates. He does not divide. It is the devil that divides so that there will be no unity in a certain situation. 


4. The Arrow of Sin 

There is an arrow that the devil throws, that is supposed to turn a person into a lawless individual. 

If you thrive in going against God, this arrow could be the problem. David talks of delighting in God's laws. 


5. The Arrow of the Devourer 

This is the spirit of wasting. 

The bible talks of the devourer in Malachi 3:11. 

The Word says that God will prevent the devourer from devouring your goods if you pay your tithes and offerings as you should. 

The devourer is also known as waster. 

There are people followed by a certain spirit that scatters their property. 

Their livestocks die under mysterious circumstances, their crops are destroyed, their money is wasted and so on. This is not in God's plan for you. 


6. The Arrow of Curses and Generational Strongholds 


Lam 5:7 "Our fathers sinned and are no more, But we bear their iniquities." 

There are families bound by generational altars from generations before. 

The forefathers probably offered sacrifices to demons and an ungodly altar was raised. 

But the good news is that by the blood of Jesus, generational curses have no ground. Jesus has made impossibles possible by His blood. 


7. The Arrow of Destiny Manipulation 


The devil fights with us to manipulate our destinies. 

There are five elements he applies that we call the five Ds; 


1. Delay 

2. Discouragement 

3. Diversion 

4. Doubt 

5. Defeat 


All the above are meant to hinder you from getting to your destiny. 


The good news is that Psalms 91:5 says that we shall not be afraid of these arrows. Exposed evil is on its way to being defeated.


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