Discerning dreams

18 Jul 2023 | By Pst. Gitahi Daniel


There is a lot to know about dreams. We can't fit all of it here.

This is a general guide to help us distinguish dreams, and acquire information on how to treat different dreams. 

Some dreams carry deep meanings while others don't. 

There are three types of dreams; 

1. Natural dreams 

2. Godly dreams 

3. Satanic dreams


This means that dreams come from three sources.

Godly dreams emanate from the third heaven.

Satanic dreams emanate from the second heaven. 

Natural dreams emanate from the earthly realm. 


Don't fall for everything you experience at night. Don't try to figure out everything. 

Prov 14:15 talks of a simple man believing anything. 


Just like dreams, there are three types of wisdom; Godly, satanic and worldly. 

If you lack Godly wisdom which the Word tells us to pray to receive (James 1:5) you will interpret night occurrences with the wisdom of a man. 

Apply Godly wisdom when you see people in dreams, especially the embarrassing types of dreams. For instance, you can't just go and rebuke someone because you had a dream where you saw the.naked. It could carry a different meaning from what you know. 

Don't rush to speak out. Instead, pray for them. When the dreams keep on recurring then you can go ahead and tell them. 

Natural Dreams 

These dreams emanate from what you think and are concerned about. When you think about something before going to bed, it extends to the spirit realm and your spirit picks up your worries. 

Isaiah 29:8 says that a hungry person will dream of eating, and a thirsty person will dream of drinking. 

Ecc 5:3  ‭'A dream comes when there are many cares, and many words mark the speech of a fool.' 


Godly Dreams 

God speaks through dreams but in very specific situations. Godly dreams are also rare. 


Here are Categories of Some of the Most Common Dreams 

- Scary Dreams. These are dreams that leave you really scared 

- Negative Dreams. These are dreams of kidnappings, rape, accidents and such 

For such dreams, cancel on waking up. 

- Crying Dreams. Sad dreams such as the death of a loved one. 

You will most probably be sorrowful after waking up, or even cry. 

- Concerned Dreams. Dreams that raise your concern.

 You will suspect that there is a meaning attributed to them. Remember Pharaoh's dream that had him so concerned, that they looked for dream interpreters? 

- Recurring Dreams. These dreams could be good or bad. They keep on repeating 

With these dreams, please seek advice from a man/woman of a higher authority. 

 - Unconcerned Dreams. 

These dreams don't need so much attention from you. 

There are some dreams that fly away. They don't carry any meaning. You probably won't remember. 

If God wants to communicate through dreams, he will be clear. He is not an author of confusion (1 Cor 14:33)


Job 20:8 ‭'Like a dream he flies away, no more to be found, banished like a vision of the night.' 

Psalms 73:20 ‭‭‭‭'‭‭They are like a dream when one awakes; when you arise, Lord, you will despise them as fantasies.' 

- Positive/Godly Dreams

These are dreams that have Godly directions. They are also very clear, such that you will remember the details on waking up. 


There are Certain Dreams that call for Repentance; 

- Falling down from your bed, house, or some other place. 

- Wearing dirty clothes - we were clothed with the robe of righteousness after giving our lives to Christ. 

It is therefore a call to repentance when you see yourself wearing dirty clothes in dreams. 

- Dreams where you are naked dreams. This means you are naked in the spirit. 

- Falling into hell fire - You need to go back to God. Nobody wants to go to hell. 

- Dirty bathing, swimming, or drinking water. 

- Walking in the dark - This means that there is darkness hovering over your life. You are in association with the kingdom of darkness. 

- Sexual dreams. Dreams where you are rape someone or commit adultery should be taken very seriously. 

This means that your thoughts are impure. 

Sexual dreams are prevalent.

These dreams are demonic and straight from hell. Demons take the appearance of people that you are familiar with to force themselves on you sexually. 

1 Thes 5:23 says that we should be sanctified in our BODIES, SPIRITS AND SOULS. 

You have to be intentional about your walk with God, by living a totally blameless life.  What you conceive in your heart should be very impure. 

These decisions affect your night life, and eventually the natural man.

Just like Daniel, purpose in your heart not to defile yourself (Dan 1:8) 

Being saved doesn't necessarily mean that you are righteous, and being righteous doesn't necessarily mean that you are delivered. Remember it is salvation to righteousness to deliverance. 


Ecc 10:1 says that dead flies give perfumes a bad smell. So does anyone deserving of honour whose folly outweighs the honour and wisdom. 

The fly, in this case, could be impure thoughts, indecent dressing, envy etc. 

These events affect your night life. 

The devil takes advantage of the fact that you are unclean to bring intimidating dreams your way.  

- Toilet Dreams; stepping on poop, someone throws poop at you, you are in the toilet and the door is open etc. These types of dreams mean that you should check your surroundings, especially your friends. Someone close to you is defiling you. Your social life needs consideration. 

With the above and such dreams, repent immediately. 


Delay Dreams 

There are common dreams that indicate delay in one's life. Not all delays, however, are satanic. 

Divine delay is Godly.

Demonic delay is programmed by the enemy, while with personal delay, you are the cause, probably because of sin.

Refer to Ecc 1:10 quoted above. 


Environmental Delay

From the area you live. Some environments are manned by certain spirits. Notice a pattern in a certain area such as divorce or poverty. The environment you are in could be under the influence of delay spirits. 


Common Dreams that Show Delay 

- When you are late for exams or left by a bus. 

- Arriving late

-When you see yourself taking exams, or  in a test. 


Losing teeth is a common dream that means you are losing, or have lost your glory. 


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