Dream interpretation

12 Aug 2021 | By Pst. Gitahi Daniel

Life is spiritual. Everything emanates from the spirit before it turns out physical. No wonder you will hear someone say they saw their relative die in a dream before the actual death. Dreams are spiritual not physical. 

You are suposed to be a victor in a dream, not end up as a victim. For instance, you are not supposed to be bitten by a snake in a dream. Even when attacked by evil spirits in dreams, you are supposed to win against them. 

Cancel every negative dream immediately after waking up before whatever manifested in the spirit manifests in the physical. If it keeps on recurring, consult a higher spiritual authority. 

Recurring dreams should not be taken lightly. For example, if you are used to seeing dead people in your dreams, go for urgent prayers from a higher authority so that the link between you and the dead can be cut off. 

Please also note that not all dreams carry meanings. 

There are 3 types of dreams 

1. Godly dreams 

2. Satanic dreams 

3. Dreams from everyday activities Ecc 5:3 

Dreams can be internal or external. Internal dreams are dreams about you while external dreams are dreams about other people. 

Dreams take many forms and variations. We'll attempt to interpret some of the most common dreams. Most of these dreams are satanic. 

Snakes in dreams; According to Rev 20:2, satan is the old serpent.Any dreams about snakes are connected to the evil spirits in the marine world. Ensure that you cancel any connection to the kingdom of darkness. If the snake bites you in the dream, it means you are already a victim in the realms of the spirit. Seek deliverance from a higher authority. 

Dreams of snakes can never be good unless you manage to kill the snake in the dream. 

Any dream where you see yourself swimming in dams, oceans or in such water bodies is ungodly. Such dreams indicate association with marine spirits. There is a link with the marine world that you need to cut off. 

If you see dead people, grave sites, and familiar departed relatives in your dreams, there is a connection you have with the spirits of the dead. Dead spirits are claiming your life. 

The truth is, it is not your departed friends or relatives that you see in your dreams. It is demons that take the form of familiar people. If you don't cut off any connection with the dead world, you could die prematurely. There is no link, whatsoever, between the living and the dead. 

Dreams where you see yourself flying are satanic. Such dreams indicate that your spirit is connected to dark powers and forces in the heavenly realms. Flying dreams are like swimming dreams. The difference is the type of evil spirits involved. 

Former Lifestyle - Going back to your former life in dreams signifies delay. You could see yourself in the uniform you wore in primary school 20 years back. You could see yourself in a house you lived in many years back. This indicates that your life has been held back that many years in the realms of the spirit. It doesn't matter whether we are in the year 2021. 

Remember life is spiritual. The happenings in the spiritual realm dictate the kind of life in the physical. 

Shedding blood in dreams is dangerous. It means that your spirit has been captured to carry out missions for the Kingdom of darkness. We must be aware of the devil's schemes and tactics. 

Dreams where you see yourself around poop, signify spiritual pollution. If you see yourself stepping on the poop, your life is totally polluted spiritually. 

Seeing stagnant and dirty water in dreams also indicate a spiritually polluted life. Taking endless journies in dreams signify struggles and hardships. In the realms of the spirit, there is a spirit that has been released to make you struggle or strain in life. In a dream where your clothes are torn, the spirit of poverty is evident. Begging in a dream also signifies the spirit of poverty. Cancel the dream before you start begging in the physical. 

If your teeth fall out in dreams there is trouble ahead. It means that your life is not aligned. You are on your way to losing sensible direction. 

Crying in dreams means that there is a heavy spirit that wants to afflict you. You will fall into depression if you don't address the spirit properly by cancelling it. 

Birds in dreams signify witchcraft most of the time. Doves, however, signify the Holy Spirit 

If you see bats, owls, eagles, vultures in your dreams, there is a presence of witchcraft activities in your life. 

Being attacked by turkeys, cocks or domestic birds means there are domestic battles you are up against. You could be facing opposition from a very familiar person like your aunt or sister. 

If you see domestic animals such as cows, donkeys and such animals in dreams, there are familiar people in your life opposing you or against you. 

Dogs biting you in dreams signify immorality or even sexual perversion. You could see dogs barking at you, licking you or even chasing you. Be careful because there are covenants with sexual demons that you are about to get into, or are alredy in. 

If you see creeping animals in dreams; lizards, frogs, crocodiles, chameleons and such amphibians and reptiles, there are witchcraft activities in your life. These animals indicate occultism. 

If you see yourself taking meat in dreams, or having strange meetings with strange people you could already be intiated into the kingdom of darkness, especially the marine world, or are in the process of intiation. Your spirit could already be captured to carry out missions for the kingdom of darkness. 

Impartation dreams - dreams where you see yourself preaching, praying, speaking in tongues or such activities are called impartation dreams. Such dreams come from a source of angelic activities or even men of God. Impartation is the ability to give unto others whatever God has given. It means you are receiving spiritual  strength, knowledge, wisdom, insight etc, that comes from God. 

Ripe fruits in dreams signify maturity. It means that your life is fruitful or rather your walk with God is okay as far as Your God-ordained purpose is concerned. 

Drinking or bathing with clean water in dreams stand for rejuvenation of the Holy Spirit. Clean water stands for the Spirit of God, while dirty water stands for evil spirits in the spiritual realm. 

Dreams of prominent, influential and senior people signify a valid destiny. Keep pushing and pursuing your destiny. You will get there. 

The opposite of such dreams are dreams where you see your past lifestyle. 

Dreams where you see yourself pregnant can have physical or spiritual meaning. If you are childless, and see yourself pregnant in dreams, it could be a good sign that you are going to beara child. On the other hand, pregnancy shows that God's purpose for your life is about to come forth. 

Dreams about driving cars indicate progress towards your destiny. If there are no obstructions on the way, you are on the right path. However, if you keep hitting cliffs and coming across stumbling blocks, there are barriers on your path. If you car crashes in the dream or gets into an a fatal accident, you require urgent spiritual attention. It means that you have lost sight of your vision and destiny. 

If you see yourself wearing shoes in a dream, the dream signifies protection through the good news that is the Word of God. Shoes protect our feet against injuries from thorns, needles and such external debris. However if you see yourself shoeless in dreams, you are naked and unprotected in the realms of the spirit. 

Dreams where you have no shoes on also indicate poverty. 

Picking raw fruits or vegetables stand for immature destiny. You are supposed to pick ripe fruits not ones that are not ready. Such form of dreams are warnings from God that you are trying to rush into something when the time is not yet. 

Dreams can have different meanings depending on the mood and the surrounding situation. Take note of the specific situation the dream occurs to understand what is going on in the realms of the spirit.


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