Fasting emphasized

Fasting Emphasized
08 Feb 2023 | By Pst. Gitahi Daniel


We've looked at fasting as a discipline in the Kingdom of God over and over. 

The kind of fasting we are talking about here is the spiritual kind. 

Matt 17:21 sheds light on the fact that there are certain kinds that do not go away but by prayer and fasting. 

Whether it is wet, dry or partial fasting, the end goal is faithfulness, and seeking God in prayer, Word and worship, while at it. 


We are going to look at some of the reasons why it is important for all of us to fast. 


 1. Fasting changes how we observe things 

When you start fasting, your view of life changes. For instance, if you have a problem with self esteem, it will be boosted in the very place of prayers and fasting. The Word says that to those who seek Him, He will show great and unsearchable things. 


2. Fasting brings protection

There are so many battles in the realms of the spirit, if only we could be sensitive enough. 

Through fasting, divine protection is released. Prayer is the main thing here but when accompanied by fasting the results are quickened


3. Brings Revival and transformation 

Fasting is a necessary retreat for spiritual elevation and change. 

Your wrongful attitudes will be changed and you will start to feel guilty for not doing right. 

Reviving is the art of bringing dead things to life. Fasting revives your prayer life, journey of faith, diligence in the things of God, etc. 


4. Fasting relieves heavy burdens


The weight of hatred, bitterness, and all other weights, are relieved in the place of fasting and praying. 

Matt 11:28 says 'come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.'


5. Fasting helps us to grow in the knowledge of God's Word 

Do you want to read the Word of God and understand? 

Do you want revelations that will be applicable in your life when you read the Word? 

Then normalize taking fasting durations. 

There is a way that fasting gives you deep spiritual insight.


6. Fasting renews our minds

This is closely related to the point above about transformation. 

If there is any bad thing that you are struggling against, fasting will help you. Take a period of retreat against those thoughts on masturbation and pornography. 

Habitual sins can actually be destroyed in the place of fasting and prayers. 


7. Fasting helps us to be healthy 

The truth is, diseases are spiritual and demonic inspired.

 Isaiah 58:8 says that your healing will quickly appear after fasting. 

'By the stripes of Jesus we are healed' (Isaiah 53:5)

Jesus was whipped 39 times. 

Scientifically, there are 39 major diseases. This means that diseases and infirmities, have already been taken care of by the blood of Jesus. 

Take a fasting duration and challenge that health issue. 


 8. Fasting prepares us for life's  challenges 

There are evil programs in the realms of the spirit orchestrated against man. 

The mystery that's fasting actually stops the programs 

In Matt 26:41, Jesus told his disciples to pray lest they enter into temptations. 

The truth is, fear, pit and snare await us in this world. (Isaiah 24:17)

No matter where we run, trouble is almost a guarantee. 

Regular prayer and fasting, will help by giving you strength to stand all trials. 


9. Fasting boosts our expectations to receive answers from God


Our expectations cannot be cut off. They are actually boosted in the place of prayers and fasting. 


10. Fasting gives us the Power and the anointing to do God's work 

Want to serve in the kingdom, but do not know where to start? Fasting will activate it. Your understanding will be enlightened such that you will know your exact place in the body of Christ. 


11. Fasting makes us sensitive to hear God's voice and direction for our lives

If you want to hear God clearly concerning an issue or direction, seek His will in fasting. 

We are quickened when we have put food aside to seek God in prayers and fasting. 

Your destiny is in God's hands and only He, can reveal it to you. 


12. Fasting enables us to walk in the Spirit 

We should live by the spirit and hence we will not gratify the desires of the flesh. (Gal 5:16)

Your flesh will actually surrender, with regular fasting. Having learnt to overcome the flesh, you will walk in the Spirit. 


13. Fasting helps us focus on God 

When food is not in the picture, the focus on the things of God is clearer. That fasting duration should give you time to focus on God; His ways, His plans and everything. 


14. Fasting strengthens us spiritually 

When the flesh is weakened by denying it the pleasures of food, the spirit man is strengthened. 


15. Fasting helps us to be humble 

If pride is an issue in your life, try fasting. 


As mentioned, the flesh is weakened in the place of fasting and praying. Pride is an act of the flesh. 


Fasting is a discipline expected of all of us. Notice that Jesus, in Matt 6:16, said 'when you fast.' 

There are realms of glory that we will only get to when we put food aside to seek God


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