Five miracles that happened at calvary;

Five Miracles That Happened at Calvary;
15 Sep 2023 | By Pst. Gitahi Daniel


When Jesus was crucified, strange events took place. They didn't just happen. They were/are very significant. 

In fact, the very location of crucifixion was important for redemption. 

The events that took place during the journey to crucifixion are recorded in the Gospel books. 

 John 19, Luke 23, Mark 12, Matt 26 


 1. There was darkness for three hours. 

At midday, there was darkness up to 3:00 PM. The sun literally vanished at the sight of 'the Sun of righteousness' crucified.  

This signified that Jesus is the light of the world, without whom, the world is in total darkness. 


 2. The veil of the temple was torn into two, from top to bottom 


Jesus was crucified at the same place where Solomon's temple was, and where Adam died. This was the exact location where Abraham was going to give Isaac as a sacrifice to God. Abraham named the place 'The Lord will Provide' (Jehovah Jireh) because He provided a lamb for sacrifice in the place of Isaac. Gen 22:14


Jesus, the Son, was given by the Father as the eternal sacrifice. The veil of the temple was torn into two, so that anyone who comes to Christ can access the holy of holies, without any mediator, like in the days of the law. Jesus stands as the only High Priest.


 3. The shaking of the earth and the splitting of rocks 


Nature was too shocked not to react. This was the Lord Jesus Christ on a cross, like a criminal - through whom everything was made - that they had just crucified. 

Blood dripped from Jesus all the way down to Adam's skull, to break the curse that came through the first Adam, through sin. 

Remember that Adam was buried on this same spot. 


 4. The opening of the tombs 


Jesus went to preach in hades, in those three days when He was thought to be dead. 

After His resurrection, men that had died before were seen in Jerusalem. 


 5. The raising of many saints that had died. 


Jesus is life and resurrection. Even in His death, men were brought back to life. 

It is also a reflection of what will happen at the final trumpet. Those who will have died in the Lord shall be raised again incorruptible. 



Our reflection, is the fact that a day is coming when either death or the final trumpet will take us out of this world. 

Jesus died for us, so that we can live the kinds of lives that man ought to live. It is only possible when we are in Christ fully. 


In Matt 25, there is an account of the ten virgins. To the foolish virgins, the groom said, 'I don't know you.' 

Unfortunately, there are many 'virgins' - believers - that will hear these words. Take caution not to be one. 


 Matt 7: 21-23 echoes the same thing. Many will claim to have been used by God, even in miracles and wonders but Jesus will tell them plainly that it is not He that they were serving, and that He never knew them. 


The sad part about this is that these are kingdom sons that will be cast out into the darkness. Why? Because of treating the Blood of the covenant as if it were a common thing and unholy. 


Let's not think that God goes silent on us when we stray because He doesn't see ( Psalms 50:21)


Work out your salvation with fear and trembling. (Phil 2:12) 

 Isaiah 66:2 says that the Lord looks on him who is of a poor and a contrite spirit, who trembles at His Word.


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