Four types of people in church today

24 Aug 2020 | By Pst. Gitahi Daniel
Hannah, Eli, Samuel and the sons of Eli are four categories of people that were privileged to be in Church in the same duration of time. (1 Samuel 2: 18 - 25) They were very different in how they carried themselves before God. You will find four categories of people in Church today just like in that time.

1. Eli's sons

They were supposed to take over from their father as High Priests. They however, were defiled and lived in sin. They were greedy, careless in the things of God and committed acts of sexual immorality in the Temple. Today, this same spirit is much alive in our Churches. There are believers serving God - praise and worship leaders, pastors, elders - and respected by others but do commit abominable acts in private without any care in the world. They have titles but are actually evil. These people became so much used to being in God's presence that they grew out of it.

2. Eli

The acts his sons did were reported to him. He was asked to caution his sons against abusing women sexually and misuse of Church funds but he never acted on it. He eventually died together with his sons on the same day. There are believers in Church today who are not necessarily wicked but are lukewarm. They love to compromise. They do not take firm stands in defending faith.

3. Hannah

Hannah never complained, she understood her position and role in Church and stood with God's work. The Hannahs in our Churches today, know their responsibilities in their respective Churches and don't withhold supporting ministries. They support God's ministers through prayers and provisions.

4. Samuel

Samuel was different. He was in Church just like the sons of Eli but never participated in their abominable acts. Samuel represents a people that are not swayed by others in Church despite the social influence. These people serve God with all their hearts and continue to grow closer to Him. Are you a Hannah, Eli, Eli's son or a Samuel in Church today? Do you give your all to the service God has entrusted you? Are you a Minister but still living in sin? We are privileged, as believers, to learn from others' mistakes so that we dont take the same route some of these people took.
1 Cor 10:11 "These things happened to them as examples and were written down as warnings for us, on whom the culmination of the ages has come."


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