Godly dreams

12 Aug 2021 | By Pst. Gitahi Daniel

God does speak through dreams sometimes. 

Godly dreams are not very frequent. After all, we have the Word of God for directions. 

Godly dreams are also very clear, orderly and concise. God is not an author of confusion. Even in dreams, God doesn't go against His Word. 

If you are the type of person that doesn't dream often, worry not. There is nothing wrong with not having dreams in a while. 


How Do You Know that a Dream is Godly? 


1. Dreams from God carry messages about your destiny. Such include dreams where you see prominent and influential people like the president. 

2. Godly dreams are for edification. They are meant to build a person up. 

3. Godly dreams carry warnings. The warnings, however, don't intimidate. For example, you could be planning to go somewhere, or attend a certain function. God could warn you through a dream not to attend the function. 

In Matt 2:12, the Word talks of the wise men taking an alternative route back to their country after visiting Jesus. This is because they had been warned in a dream. 

4. Godly dreams offer comfort. Even when He disciplines, God offers comfort. 

5. Godly dreams give corrections. Satanic dreams, on the contrary lead people astray. God could warn you against indecent dressing through dreams. For example, dreams where you see yourself very uncomfortable in some skimpy clothes. God could be telling you to change your mode of dressing. 

6. Godly dreams give directions. As a child of God, God can direct you into something concerning your life. God can even reveal to you what business to venture into, in a dream. On the other hand, the devil cannot give directions in dreams. When he gives direction, it is evil and meant to lead you astray.

In a satanic dream, you will see yourself committing a sin. God will actually warn you in a dream before getting into the sin. 

7. Godly dreams give orders. This is same as warnings and directions. 

8. Godly dreams cleanse. If you see yourself taking clean water in a dream, or bathing in clean water, the dream indicates spiritual satisfaction and fulfillment. The Holy Spirit is represented by clean water. On the other hand, dirty water represent evil spirits.

For instance, if a car speeds past you in a dream - splashes dirty water onto your clean clothes, but are able to evade it - there is a plan to pollute your spiritual life. This is a Godly dream to warn you. 

However, if you are not able to evade the car in the dream, and your clothes get polluted, it indicates that your spiritual life is already polluted. 

9. Godly dreams urge you to pray 

10. Godly dreams bring impartation. Impartation comes from angelic activities and even men and women of God. Such dreams include where you see yourself preaching, praying, reading the word etc.


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