Intercessory prayer.

24 Sep 2020 | By Pst. Gitahi Daniel

We are called to intercessory as believers. A prayerless believer is a powerless believer. Other than praying for ourselves, we ought to pray for others close to us and even those that are not. The following illustration is meant to help us always remember how to stand in the gap with the help of the Holy Spirit. We call it the five - finger prayer mainly because we use the five fingers to illustrate. Always remember these five areas you ought to intercede for. THE FIVE - FINGER PRAYER 1. The thumb. Whenever you see the very first finger and probably the biggest, remember to always pray for those who are close to you. Stand in the gap for those you love, care about and are basically close with. This includes family members and relatives. Pray for your siblings and those you basically consider family. Friends also fall under this category. 2. The Index finger. Pray for those who teach, guide, counsel and instruct you. Your Pastor i.e the Man if God in your life is the very first person you should remember while praying for people in thus group. Pray for the Sevants of God that you know, hear and learn from. 3. The Middle Finger. Pray for your leaders and all those who are in authority. The middle finger is probably the longest and therefore serves as a constant reminder that the people that govern us are always in need of our prayers. When a nation's leaders stand, the nation does too. Stand in the gap for the President, the Administration and all those in power. 4. The Ring Finger. Remember to always pray for the needy. The sick, the weak, the poor and all those going through difficult situations all fall in here. 5. The Pinky Finger. The smallest and the last finger on the hand. As an intercessor, you will probably remember yourself last. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't take time praying for yourself. The idea here is to always put other people's needs before God first and allow their needs to take preference over your personal needs.

A believer should live a life of prayer. Intercessory is not limited to the points above. Praying constantly and daily helps us fellowship with the Holy Spirit as He guides us into what we ought to pray for.

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Patrick . on 24 Sep 2020

Awesome! Pray,and when you think you have prayed ,pray again.

Pst Joseph Kimani on 24 Sep 2020

Wouw! Three words are essential for a believer of Christ to do: PRAY, PRAY, PRAY

Patience on 24 Sep 2020

Hallelujah, prayers move mountains God bless you always

Lewis on 24 Sep 2020

And whatever we ask provided we have faith in God we shall get it

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