Jesus the perfect example (learning from the prayer life of jesus)

03 Jun 2022 | By Pst. Gitahi Daniel

A believer cannot live without prayer.  

Praying is so important that Jesus, who was God in every form, ventured into it heavily. 

Four Reasons why Jesus came into the world: 

1. To reconcile man back to God. 

2. As an example to the Church. 

3. To destroy the works of the devil. 

4. To fulfill prophecies.


One perfect example that Jesus set for the church was through His prayer life. He invested in a life of persistent and constant prayer. 

Man desires to worship or pray to a superior power naturally. No wonder some seek to fill this vacuum by consulting mediums and witches.


What You Need to Know about Praying

1. There are needs which only prayer can meet. 

Sometimes things only work out through prayer and this makes the difference between those who make pursuits through prayer and those who do not. 

2. There are problems only prayers can prevent. 

3. There are hurts only prayer can cease. 

When someone wrongs you and the pain becomes unbearable, only prayer will take away all the bitterness and pain.

4. There are battles only prayer can win.

These battles are not physical and require to be addressed spiritually. 

5. There are atmospheres only prayer can create. 

There are times you go somewhere and sense the spiritual dryness in that area. 

Prayers create atmospheres; of healing, of deliverance, of anointing etc. 

Some areas, where evil altars operate require prayers for these atmospheres to change.

6. There are souls only prayer can reach. 

Some people are so stubborn that it is only through prayers that their souls can accept Christ. 

Pray to win souls for Christ. 

In the praying ground, we resign to self and exalt God.


In everything Jesus pleased the Father.

We should not pray contrary to God's Word and requirements. 

For instance, it is wrong to pray against one's enemies, wishing death upon them, or making ungodly declarations in prayer such as 'back to the sender.' 


Jesus set an example for us by how He prayed and thought of His enemies. He even taught, through the Lord's prayer, the importance of forgiveness. 

We should emulate His way of praying. 

As a believer, don't kill a witch in your prayers. Pray against witchcraft. 

Prayer is spiritual warfare that requires steadfastness and determination. 

Steadfastness is the quality of staying the same for a long time. A steadfast prayer is persistent . A steadfast prayer also has CHRIST alone at the centre i.e total dependence on God. 

When we make a steadfast prayer we rely on God completely. 

James 4:3 "And even when you ask, you don’t get it because your motives are all wrong — you want only what will give you pleasure."

Jesus prayed often; early in the morning, late at night  etc. He prayed through the four watches of the night. 

Night prayers are so important that Jesus understood it and took charge of His days at night. 

The spiritual life determines the physical. If we lose battles in the spirit, we have lost them in the physical as well. 


Jesus prayed before critical events in His life

He prayed at Gethsemane because He understood what was ahead of him. 

He prayed as He ministered to others. 

He prayed before performing miracles.

After praying for the better part of the night, He would perform miracles easily the next day. 

Prayers work in our favour greatly and that is why Jesus set the pace as far as prayers are concerned. 

Jesus also prayed for others. He was a great intercessor; He prayed for everyone who would believe. 

(John 17, Mark 13)

There comes a time when all a believer should desire is some lone time with God. In Mark 1:35, the scriptures say that Jesus got up while it was still dark and left the house to a solitary place to pray. 

Luke 6:12 says that He went to a mountainside to pray and spent the night there praying.  

We have to take this from Him, i.e set some time everyday to be alone and seek God's face. 

- Jesus was not only prayerful. He understood the importance of solitary intercessory. 

A prayerful person prospers in their dealings. 

Prayers do not, however, work when we are being hypocritical before God. 

They go hand in hand with righteousness. 

Prayer is a serious business that we must deal with seriously.

- The prayer life of Jesus was not just made up of much prayer, He made powerful and correct prayers. 

Prayer takes us into the realms of high focus. Prayer is not designed to get God down here to us. It is designed to lift us up there to Him. 

Walk in the footsteps of Jesus, even in your prayer life.


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