Night attacks

Night Attacks
17 Oct 2023 | By Pst. Gitahi Daniel

Dreaming is one of the ways in which God speaks. 

Dreams can be Godly or ungodly.

There are others that come from everyday events. Life is spiritual.


Ungodly dreams are demonic. 

Demons can take various forms in dreams.

They can take the form of animals, birds, familiar people etc 

The devil masquerades as an angel of light (2 Cor 11:14) 

We need to be spiritual men to discern, lest we interpret every dream as Godly, or a message from God. 


There are Four Ways in which the devil wages attacks through dreams,  


1. Personal Level Attacks 

The choices you make during the day, and in your daily activities determine what happens to you at night. 

You can be attacked at night because your life is sinful. 

Remember that life is spiritual, and we are spiritual beings. 

The best time for the devil to attack is at night. Some of the horrific dreams come as a result of sinful thoughts, words and actions. 


2. Infirmity Level Attacks 

There are attacks in the form of diseases that come through night dreams. 

Dreams, are largely used by the kingdom of darkness to cast infirmities upon people. 

There is a form of terror that falls upon men at night. 

Psalms 91:5 says,"You shall not be afraid of the terror by night,Nor of the arrow that flies by day."

In Job 4:13-16, Job describes some terror that befell him at night. 

The devil uses ungodly dreams to intimidate and spread fear. 

It is therefore  important to cover yourself and your family with the blood of Jesus before going to bed. 

If the devil finds a loophole, he will use it. 

If you conquer in the spirit, you will have won in the physical.

Lives, destinies, marriages, families are destroyed at night.

Remember that we wrestle not against flesh and blood.... (Eph 6:12)


3. Occult Level Attacks 

Diviners, sorcerers and witches are in this category. 

There are people, aided by evil forces, that use the power of the sun and the moon to program against people's lives.

There are dreams that come at night indicating witchcraft activities in one's life.

Creeping animals such as lizards and crocodiles indicate witchcraft activities in your life.


4. Territorial Attacks 

There are night attacks waged at night because of the territory you live in. If sexual immorality is widespread in your territory, you could experience night attacks in dreams indicating so. 

Recurring dreams should be taken very seriously. With every negative dream, wake up and cancel. 

Dreams that need serious attention will always be repetitive. 

Take time and fast and pray to conquer evil powers through dreams. 



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