Spiritual battles 2

25 Jul 2021 | By Pst. Gitahi Daniel

The devil wages attacks against humanity during the day and at night: 

Night attacks. Psalms 91:5(a) says "You will not fear the terror of night." This means that night attacks are there but you shouldn't fear. 


Day attacks. Psalms 91:5(b) says "You will not fear the arrows that fly by the day"

There is trouble everywhere around you but do not fear. 

In this world, which we are in but not of, trouble is immminent. 

Isaiah 24:17 says "Terror and pit and snare await you, people of the earth." 

The devil is crafty when it comes to attacking believers and causing them sleepless nights. We should be vigilant and sober (1 Peter 5:8) and not ignorant of the devil's devices, (2 Cor 2:11) 

Job, in Job 7:13 -14 says that he thinks his bed will comfort him at night, only for the evil one to frighten him with dreams and terrify him with visions. 


Why The Devil Wages Attacks Against Believers: 

1. Ungodly Dreams Come to Kill Your Faith 

Satanic dreams target you, so that you wake up heavy, disregarding your walk of faith. 

You shouldn't see yourself killing people in dreams or having spiritual sex. 

Our bodies, souls and spirits ought to be kept blameless and spotless to the coming of our Lord Jesus (1 Thes 5:23) Such dreams would indicate a defiled spirit. Seek deliverance. 


2. To Bring Fear

Demonic attacks dumps fear on you, so that you live a fearful life.

Remember that fear is a snare. You won't get to where you are supposed to if you let fear get in the way. 


3. To impose Guilt and Condemnation

The devil will wage attacks against you so that you feel condemned probably from what you did in the past.

Remember that God forgives and remembers not. As long as you left the sinful lifestyle, don't allow this tactic to work against you. 


4. Satanic Attacks Come to Torment

They are used by the kingdom of darkness to impose mental and physical sufferings. 

Have you ever dreamt that you living in poverty, and then woke up to real life only to find that you have lost property or are jobless? The battle is intense in the realms of the spirit. 


5. To Intimidate 

Job 7:14 talks of intimidation through satanic visions. Intimidation comes with a certain fear to discourage you from seeking God or pursuing your destiny. 


6. To Deceive 

To deceive is to make someone believe a lie. Deception will lead you into making decisions that will affect your life choices i.e marriage, destiny, ministry etc. 

Remember that God does not deceive. He cautions against something with a lot of love. 


7. To Bar Your Relationship with God 

The devil hates to see you pursue righteousness. He crafts ways to discourage you from seeking God. 

One of the main reasons why he is so determined to wage attacks against you is to put a wall between you and God.


8. To Accuse 

The devil is an accuser of brethren. He will drive you into sin after he has successfully intimidated you. 

After he has managed to have you sin, he goes ahead to God with a list of accusations against you and why you are not worthy of God's attention. 

Remember that Jesus intercedes for you (John 17:20) while the devil accuses. 

There are four levels in spiritual battles. No matter how strong the enemy comes in, we must take a firm stand against his tactics. The onewho is for us, Jesus, is greater. 


 Levels in Spiritual Battles 


1. Personal Level 

In this level, the battle is between the flesh and the spirit. The devil drives you into sin. 

Always ensure that your flesh does not rule over your spirit man. 


 2. Ground Level 

The devil attacks with infirmities and diseases. God wants you to prosper in health and wealth. 


It is not in His plan for you to always be on medication. It is not in God's plan for your family to be struggling against infirmities. This is a battle. 


3. Occult Level 

This is the level where diviners and witches take the centre stage. Take a firm stand in truth and righteousness against such attacks. 

Witches are powerless as long as you are walking right with God. 


4. Strategic Level 

Eph  6:12 says that our fight is against principalities and authorities. 

Strategic battles are waged in specific territorial areas and strongholds. Does your village or city have a certain pattern or trend? 

Does every young lady get pregnant immediately after leaving secondary school? Can you count a number of jobless people in your town yet they have all the necessary qualifications? Now you know the reason. 


Take a firm stand against the devil's schemes.


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