The door of unforgiveness

12 Aug 2021 | By Pst. Gitahi Daniel

The devil wants to strike believers but he lacks the power to do so. He therefore, needs us to give him a stable place from where to attack, hence the caution in Eph 4:27, 'do not give the devil a foothold.' 

There are various doors that believers open for demonic attacks. One main door is the door of unforgiveness. 

Unforgiveness is a stable ground that the devil uses to strike any person that holds grudges and holds on to bitterness. If you can't forgive, fasting is pointless. 

Your offerings to God are futile if you can't forgive. 

In Matt 18:21, the parable of the unmerciful servant is used to illustrate how God will treat those that do not forgive from the heart. 

Unforgiveness stems from anger. It goes to show how much of an angry person one is if they can't forgive. 

As believers, we must be aware that anger is so close. You can be easily angered at any day and time. 

You can choose to let the anger mature into bitterness or let it go. 

Getting angry is not really a sin according to Eph 4:26. Sinning when angry is the problem. 

"Be angry, and do not sin; do not let the sun go down upon your wrath." 


There are 3 stages that anger goes through 

 1. Rage (hasira) Rage is uncontrolled anger. Everybody around you will notice when you are rageful. You simply do not want to talk to the other person or have anything to do with them. 

2. Wrath (ghadhabu) Second phase of anger. This is anger that wants to revenge. 

3. Resentment (chuki) Third phase of anger. This is anger over a long period of time. It produces self pity that eventually brings bitterness. 

If you let anger get to resentment, you might even harm the person that hurt you. There is no place in the Kingdom of God for people that can't forgive. 

Unforgiveness is a block that prevents financial, spiritual and emotional Breakthrough. 

How can you know that you still have something against someone?

Signs you didn't forgive 

1. Keeping a record of wrongs done to you. According to 1 Cor 13:5, love does not keep a record of wrongs. 

2. You want to hurt back those that have hurt you. 

3. You are easily angered by the person. 


Results/Effects Of Unforgiveness 

1. Sin

Unforgiveness is a sin. Sinning will definitely separate you from God. 

2. The Holy Spirit will depart from you. There is no way the power of God will still stay where there is unforgiveness. 

3. Unforgiveness will open doors for other evil spirits. 

4. You will attract diseases through unforgiveness. 

5. Unforgiveness attracts the spirits of revenge and murder into your life. 

6. Unforgiveness will hinder your progress and blessings.

7. You will live an unhappy life. You can't harbour forgiveness and bitterness and still be happy. Joy is a fruit of the Holy Spirit.


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