The stronghold of bitterness

The Stronghold of Bitterness
03 Jun 2022 | By Pst. Gitahi Daniel


Bitterness has resentment, anger, hatred, unforgiveness, violence, and revenge all wrapped together. 

Resentment is an intense feeling of hatred.This is anger over a long period of time.

Hatred is a strong dislike for someone. Unforgiveness is inability to forgive. 

Bitter people can also be violent, with those around them. 


✓An unborn child can take on the  spirit of bitterness. So we should speak and prophecy children before they're born.If you're a victim of bitterness, you need deliverance.

✓ Bitterness can give birth to revenge. 

You can fight physically or give a silent treatment to those who wrong you.

✓ The seed of revenge can go even to the fourth generation according to Lamentations 5:7 'Our fathers have sinned, and are not; And we have borne their iniquities.' 

✓The spirit of revenge resulting from bitterness is an altar that can affect families.

Heb. 12:15 states that we should be full of the goodness of God and not bitterness.  


Four Ways in Which Bitterness Manifests; 

1.Bitter Conditions

This kind of bitterness is triggered by situations in one's life  e.g, lack, limitations and misfortunes.

2.Bitter Heart 

Triggered by something that happened. Maybe someone wronged you and you have never let them go. 

3.Bitter Lifestyle

People living bitterly tend to blame others for their problems. They can insult, they don't forgive. They are easy to spot. 

4.Bitter Speech 

If bitterness can be felt in your speech and interaction with others, your life is really bitter. 

If you carry people in your heart, you're literally pushing God out of your heart. 

How does God make a resting place in the same heart that has harboured bitterness? 

- Bitter people are happy when other people fail.

- If you feel angered when someone who wronged you is mentioned, you have a stronghold of bitterness.

✓ Bitterness kills our fellowship with God and instead links us with the devil.

✓ Bitterness is like cancer. 

It starts slowly and finally it finishes you up. 

The root of bitterness exposes you to the devil and is a bad spirit. The devil uses that as a ground to attack you.

✓ The blood of Jesus established a covenant with man. Jesus took the bitter wine as a covenant so that our tongues could be cleansed. He took our bitter lives through His death.

Leviticus 19:17 ‘You shall not hate your brother in your heart. You shall surely rebuke your neighbor, and not bear sin because of him.'

This simply means that you should confront people directly, about something they said or did, instead of keeping the offence in your heart. 


Bitterness affects 

- Your relationships. 

- It affects you emotionally. You feel like everything and everyone is against you.

- Bitterness affects our relationship with God. 

- It affects you spiritually, and that includes your prayer life.

Instead of being bitter, strive to be better.  Bitter people have no place in the Kingdom of God.


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