The stronghold of rebellion - rev. gitahi daniel

03 Jun 2022 | By Pst. Gitahi Daniel

Rebellion, also called opposition, is defined as the action of resisting authority or control. 

Imagine a society without some form of moral standards? Imagine a country without a constitution to govern the people? 

God is a discplinarian, and even the Israelites had to follow a set of laws to be on the same side as God. Independence is, therefore not a popular term in the Kingdom of God. 

We as believers are students of the Word of God. The flesh has its desires. These desires are always contrary to the desires of the Spirit (Gal 5:16) 

The Word of God in Gal 5:16-21, brings out a picture of what the flesh does and how God's children, who should be led by the Spirit, ought to live. 

Anyone in Christ Jesus has to be teachable. The word of God is meant to check and correct us. 

Prov 12:1(b) says 'the one who hates correction is stupid.' 


Rebellion is characterized by 

- Stubbornness (self will) 

Selfwill- wanting to do what you want without thinking what others think, or have to say. 

 - Strife - the act of quarrels and bitter disagreements. 

- Anger - annoyance 

- Argument - an exchange of opposing ideas in an angry manner.  

- Factions - groups created by people to oppose others in a larger group. 

- Independent and unteachable spirit 


Independent means that one is free from control in action. 

Anyone who thinks that they are independent and should not be corrected, ends up failing. 

If for instance someone comes to you and warns you about your mode of dressing, pay attention. 

If someone takes their time to correct a wrong, don't brush them off. 

- Parents are a good source of counsel and discipline. 

 Rebellious People: 

 1. They think that their way is the best even when it is failing 

Suppose you are a believer that is into business and you sell cigarettes in your shop? Is it really okay whether or not you smoke? It is good to listen to counsel. 

2. Get offended for being corrected

 Prov 12:15 says that the way of a fool seems right to him, but a wise man listens to advice. 

3. Think that they know everything 

Prov 26:12 says that the one who is  wise in his own eyes is more hopeless than a fool.

This spirit first caught up with the devil. He became wise in his own eyes and thought he deserved to be worshipped like God. The aftermath is what we all know. 

4. Independent people tend to be jealous

They are full of envy. Remember they think their way is the best. 

Once you are full of yourself and unteachable, you will not escape being envious of others who are doing better than you. This is largely because without teachings, you will not make the progress that others are making.

A rebellious person does not prosper. Job was prosperous because he was upright and just. 

Even the devil could not attack him. (Job 1:10)

5. They don't admit when they are wrong

Prov 3:7 "Do not be wise in your own eyes. Fear the Lord and shun evil."

Rebellious spirit goes against spiritual things and practices because it is meant for evil. 

It sometimes tells you not to pray or go to church. 

Sadly, this spirit has found its firm grasp in church. Remember it is only by walking in the Spirit that we can truly live Christ-like lives. 

The devil knows how each of us walks with God. He can tell who is in the flesh and who is in the Spirit. 

Luke 6:46 'Why do you call me Lord Lord but do not do what I say?'


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