Types of afflictions

11 Jan 2023 | By Pst. Gitahi Daniel

We have been looking at the different types of afflictions. Let's conclude on the other types of afflictions. 


Empathetic Afflictions 


Being empathetic is sharing in the pain of others. 

For instance, an empathetic person will feel bad when they see others going without food. They will try to share whatever they have. 

Empathetic people hurt with the hurting. 


Testimonial Afflictions 

These are afflictions, where as a believer, people will speak ill of your faith. 

This cannot be avoided. Anyone in the right standing with God is most likely to suffer this. 

It is all about being persecuted and facing ridicule because of Christ.


1Thes 4:7 says that God did not call us to be impure but to live a holy life. 

This means that no matter what, we ought to pay the cost for purity. 

John 9:31 says that God does not hear sinners, while James 5:16 tells us that the prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective. 


Preventative Afflictions 


Preventative afflictions help us to avoid further afflictions. 

These are Afflictions that come to prevent you from doing something, that would have consequences especially on your spiritual journey. 

You could develop a headache while set to go out with family members, then feel much better later when the other members have already gone.

It is highly likely that God did not want you to attend the event, because you would compromise and end up wronging God. 

God will keep (prevent) you from going somewhere to protect you. 

Preventative Afflictions precede situations that would otherwise affect your relationship with God adversely. 


Punishment Afflictions 

This is for the non believers. It will be eternal. It is good to evade the judgement of God by accepting Christ, and living according to His ways, while there is still a chance. 


One way or the other, we cannot evade afflictions. Let's discern what kinds of afflictions come our way and act accordingly. 


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