What you need to know about fasting.

02 Sep 2020 | By Pst. Gitahi Daniel
Fasting is a spiritual discipline taught in the Bible. God rewards those that fast sincerely. It is also mandatory for a believer to fast and in Matt 17:21 the Bible talks of certain kinds that do not leave but by prayer and fasting.


Fasting and Prayer

Fasting gives us more time for prayer. Fasting goes hand in hand with prayer. A prayerless period of fasting is better known as hunger strike God will only reward a believer who not only fasts but also incorporates a lot of prayer time in the fasting period. Acts 13:2 "While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, “Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.”

Fasting and faith

Fasting also goes hand in hand with faith. Seeking God's guidance over something then expressing your discontent over the same issue you have been trusting God for renders your prayers and fasting nearly useless. Fasting and Faith. 1. Faith overlooks the obvious senses. Faith sees what the eyes cannot, hears what the ears cannot hear etc. Fasting wars against our body members by weakening the flesh. 2. Faith works with the invisible by making it visible. It brings the unseen into sight. The scriptures define Faith as the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (Heb 1:11) Fasting on the other hand takes us into the unseen realms of the spirit. If you desire something believe and use fasting as the means of transport that takes you to unlock the spirit. 3. Faith is believing what is not seeing by the natural while fasting births faith that pleases God. Do you have faith? Then fast. Do you fast? Make sure you do it in faith.

Fasting and forgiveness

While preparing to go for a fast, let go bitterness and forgive those that have hurt you. Fasting while bitter about someone is also not going to yield results.

Fasting and Giving.

While you are on your fasting duration, remember to give. A mean Christian who fasts will not obtain financial breakthrough. They will be powerful but then fasting does not solve financial issues. Give to the needy, support God's ministers, give offerings etc. (Isaiah 58:7) When God asked the Israelites to bring offerings unto Him, they brought so much that Moses had to stop them since it was more than enough. Be a Power- filled Christian that gives.


1. Fasting creates more room for gifts

It is while they were fasting that the Holy Spirit asked Barnabas and Saul to be separated for the work which He had called them. If you feel like you have a gift or there is a spiritual assignment over your life that is yet to manifest, go on a fast and seek God's direction over the same.

2. Fasting releases God's supernatural power.

Supernatural power is gained through fasting and prayer. A preacher or singer has to spend much time seeking God's face on an empty stomach if they desire to be powerful.

3. Fasting is a tool that we can use when there is opposition in our lives to God's will.

When there is much opposition in your life, go on a fast meant to seek God's face. As a result, God will uplift you to greater heights and you will overcome test.

4. Fasting looses the chains of injustice and unties cords to set free the oppressed and break all yokes. (Isaiah 58:6)

When you are sure there are foundations and evil altars in your home background, go on a fasting and prayer period to break the chains.

5. Fasting prepares us for God's answers.

Moses fasted before receiving the ten commandments. Through the ten commandments, God was getting into a covenant with the Israelites. There are promises by God unto us that we must fast for. - The children of Israel fasted before a miraculous victory (2 Chronicles 20: 2-3) If you want victory in something say in business, fast and pray. - Nehemiah also fasted before beginning a major building project; rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem (Nehemiah 1:4) Fast before undertaking an assignment. - Daniel fasted inorder to receive guidance from God (Daniel 9:3) - Jesus fasted for victory over temptations.(Luke 4:2) As believers, we need to fast to have an upper hand when tempted. - The early Christians/ first Church fasted so as to make decisions that concerned them at the time. (Acts 13:2)Fast before making a major decision concerning any area of your life for instance when you want to enter into marriage.

6. Fasting is a form of Worship (Luke 2:36)

Anna, at 84 years fasted to worship! Sometimes, believers should fast, not to ask for anything from God but to worship. It is a selfless act that God will reward.

7. Fast when preparing for Ministry.

Jesus fasted for 40 for days before getting into ministry (Luke 4, Matt 4) Get into active ministry only after you have sought God's face in prayer and fasting.

8. Fast to repent (Jonah 3:10)

Just like Jonah when he disobeyed God, fast when you need forgiveness for something that you have done.

9. To Gain Victory (Judges 20:26)

The Israelites fated to gain victory over the Benjamites. The scriptures say that they wept till evening unto God and presented offerings. Want to be victorious in something? Fast and pray.

10. For Deliverance and Protection (Ezra 8: 21 -23)

Ezra led the Israelites into a period of fasting and petition to seek God's mercy so that He would protect them from their enemies in the journey they were taking. The Lord answered them. <!--more--> PLEASE NOTE; - Fasting is not so much about food, it is much about having a focus. Dan 1:8 talks of how Daniel purposed in his heart to fast. - It is also not about body fitness but about saying yes to the Spirit. We fast for spiritual purposes not to lose weight. - Fasting is not a means of seeking God's blessings as much as it is a means of seeking God. - Fasting is not a test for super saints. It is not a way to determine what saints are above others in the matters of the Spirit. - Fasting is not a formula for getting through to God. It is possible to fall into sin even after going without food. - We dont fast for holiness, we fast in holiness. Fasting while living in sin is not going to yield any fruits. - We fast because we are hungry for God's word. - We fast because we want God more than we want anything that the world can offer. - You can fast to show grief like Nehemiah (Nehemiah 1:1-14) - Dont publicise fasting. Others don't have to know unless it is really necessary. - Fasting can either be dry,wet or partial. - With wet fasting, take liquids like water, fresh juices and chocolate. Dont take thicker liquids like porridge, milk or soup. - With dry fasting, you drink nothing, you eat nothing. This kind of fasting, however, should not exceed a period of three days. On the extreme, dont go beyond seven days. Pregnant and lactating mothers should not go for this fasting given their situations. This fasting is highly effective. - Partial fasting is when you skip some meals and take others. You could, for instance, go without food the whole day and eat only in the evening. - Just before you go for a long fast, prepare adequately by cutting down on food portions, reduce sugar intake and avoid fatty foods. - There are different lengths of fasting including 1 day; if you feel opposed and need to conquer against something one day is all you need to put the enemy under your feet. You can also go for a day fasting to repent. 3 days; go for 3 days fasts, to walk in holiness and gain confidence in your God. 7 days; go for this fast to gain spiritual stability and perfection. 14 to 21 days; to receive spiritual gifts 21 to 40 days; for ministry.
Arise! Fast and pray

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Caroline on 02 Sep 2020

Very informative ,Praise be to God

Edith mumbua kioko on 02 Sep 2020

How can i overcome negativity in my life . I need the holy spirit to guide me n overcome spiritual husband

Teresia Nyambura on 02 Sep 2020

Amazing am really learning

Gladys michere on 02 Sep 2020

thank you pastor i did not know that day can drive opposing enemy away.now i know.

Faith wangui on 03 Sep 2020

Faith wangui am very much blessed and learnt a lot.may God Almighty continue anointing his servant pas, Daniel

Faith wangui on 03 Sep 2020

Faith wangui am very much blessed and learnt a lot.may God Almighty continue anointing his servant pas, Daniel

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Morris Ndiritu on 04 Sep 2020


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Amen I have been blessed so much God bless you pst Daniel

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I thank God for that powerful teaching. You are blessed man of God.

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