Why you need to fast more

04 May 2022 | By Pst. Gitahi Daniel

Fasting is not a practice for some people in the Kingdom in God. It is for all. Going by the characters of the Bible, there are situations that cannot be addressed when you are full. 

Matt 17:21 says that such kinds do not go out but by prayer and fasting. Jesus was referring to a situation where the disciples could not cast out a demon. They were full and prayerless. 

Esther, Nehemiah, the people of Nineveh, Paul and many others fasted to gain victory, to seek the will of God, to mourn and even to worship God. 

1. For God's Intervention  

2 Sam 12:16 "David therefore besought God for the child; and David fasted, and went in, and lay all night upon the earth." 

There are so many situations where we need God's intervention. In his case, David sought God in fasting and prayer, for his son's life to be spared. 

2. For Repentance 

 When seeking forgiveness, it is important to fast and pray. 

Joel 2:12 says “Even now,” declares the Lord, “return to me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping and mourning.” 

It is in fasting and mourning that God is truly touched by the cry of his people. In 1 Sam 7:6, the Israelites sought God in fasting and repentance. 

They cried and confessed their sins. God gave them victory over the Philistines. 

3. For Directions 

In Acts 14:23, Paul and Barnabas appointed church leaders and committed them to God through fasting. It is important to go before God for a certain period in prayers and fasting before making a major life decision. 

4. To Worship 

In Luke 2, there is this lady Anna whose husband died in the very first years of their marriage. 

As a widow, she dedicated her life to service and prayer. She fasted to worship God.

(Luke 2:37)

You can choose to go for a certain period without food, not to ask for anything, but to honour God. 

5. Strengthening Our prayers 

In Matt 17, the disciples could not cast out the same demon, that Jesus cast out at ease.  

Later they went to Jesus in private and asked why. Jesus responded in Matt 17:21 saying, "such do not go away but by prayer and fasting." 

6. To Mourn 

In Neh 1:4, Nehemiah hears of the disgrace that had befallen his people, the exiles who had gone back to Judah. The wall of Jerusalem had been broken down and its gates burnt with fire. 

He immediately went into fasting, weeping and mourning to call upon God. 

Joel 2:12 tells us to return to God in mourning and fasting. 

7. For Humility 

According to Psalms 35: 13-14, David humbles himself before God with fasting. 

8. For Victory 

In Judges 20:26, the Israelites fasted to gain victory over the Benjamites. The scriptures say that they wept till evening unto God and presented offerings. The Lord gave the Benjaminites to the hands of the Israelites. 

Want to be victorious in something? Fast and pray.

9. For Protection 

In Ezra 8: 21-23, Ezra led the Israelites into a period of fasting and petition, to seek God’s mercy and protection from their enemies in the journey they were taking. The Lord answered them.


What is striking about these people that sought God through fasting, is the fact that they acquired victory, the favour of God and tangible results. 

Fasting is the game changer. If you need things to work out, seek the face in God in prayer incorporating fasting.


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