Types of christians that follow christ in church today according to john 6: 1-14

God already knows the days of your life and He has planned good things for you. When our faith is tested, as believers, we become desperate. The feeding of the five thousand is a story we are all conversant with but have you ever realised how the characters in the story are a good illustration of what kind of believers there are in our Churches today? The hungry multitude, Philip, Andrew and ev...

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The heart of giving in tithes and offerings.

BY PASTOR LEAH GITAHI, CHRISTIAN FOUNDATION FELLOWSHIP (CFF) DONHOLM KENYA. We must balance our spiritual lives. It is possible for a believer to be powerful because they are prayerful but stagnate in their financial lives because they lack a heart of giving. The truth is, no ministry can run without money. We are required to give our offerings and ministerial support for them t...

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God's whispering voice vs satan's whispering voice in spiritual battles.

God whispers and so does the devil since he is a counterfeit. In His whispering voice, God reassures and gives direction while the devil intimidates and targets at frightening a believer. Here is how to discern the voice of God from that of the enemy. 1. The voice of God is calm. Even when He cautions, His voice is never hoarse or threatening. The voice of the devil...

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What you need to know about fasting.

Fasting is a spiritual discipline taught in the Bible. God rewards those that fast sincerely. It is also mandatory for a believer to fast and in Matt 17:21 the Bible talks of certain kinds that do not leave but by prayer and fasting. MAJOR PRINCIPLES OF FASTING Fasting and Prayer Fasting gives us more time for prayer. Fasting goes hand in hand with pr...

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Beware of these five forces that are fighting you as a christian.

There are five gigantic forces that fight us as Christians. There is a race that we must run and while at it we are required to keep the faith. These five forces purpose on drawing us further away from God. We must overcome them no matter what it takes. 1. SATAN AGAINST US. John 10:10 (a) "the devil comes but to STEAL, KILL

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Four types of people in church today

Hannah, Eli, Samuel and the sons of Eli are four categories of people that were privileged to be in Church in the same duration of time. (1 Samuel 2: 18 - 25) They were very different in how they carried themselves before God. You will find four categories of people in Church today just like in that time. 1. Eli's sons They were supposed to take ove...

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Four biblical warnings you must take seriously as a christian.

A believer has three main enemies; the devil, the flesh and the world. The devil has everything to do with being swallowed up in fleshy desires and being trapped by the ways of the world. A believer must resist him and living righteously is the sure way how. James 4:7 "Resist the devil and he will flee from you." Here are four things the scriptures warn believers about;

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Spiritually asleep churches/persons.

We ought to stay awake as believers. The enemy would never sleep while carrying out his mission against us. From sleeping in the battle to falling for the enemy's trap: we look at four types of spiritually asleep Churches/ persons and the dangers of the same. PS: -A sleeping person/Church cannot see. -A sleeping person/Church cannot think. -A sleepi...

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Demonic influence.

The word demon comes from greek word "Daimon" which means evil spirit. It is mentioned 75 times in the new testament. Demonic influence is the ability by demons to affect others or events. They influence through; - Diseases Matt 12:22 - Acts if divinations Acts 16:16 - Unusual physical strength Mark 5:3 - Unresolved anger and bitterness. Just to mention a few. There...

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Levels in spiritual battles.

Life is a battle. A believer is constantly engaging in spiritual battles and there are four main levels of the same: 1. PERSONAL SPIRITUAL BATTLES LEVEL. This level has to do with personal decisions and choices that we make between good and evil. On a personal level, how is your walk with Christ? Remember that our battles are not phy...

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The six (6) important people in your life.

You will not figure this life out alone. There are people that God will put into your path so that they can play very important roles and propel you towards your destiny. Some will push you in the most unlikely way. 1. The Divine Connectors. The divine connector is the missing link between who you are and who you are designed to be. The stone that you step on to rise....

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Spiritual battles: types of believers in a spiritual battle.

As mentioned in our previous post on spiritual battles, we live in a world that is constantly undergoing warfare. As believers, we face an unseen enemy who will do anything to see us go down. Check out our previous article on this topic here; ( In this article, we look at the five types of believers in a spiritual battl...

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Anger management.

BY PASTOR GITAHI DANIEL, CHRISTIAN FOUNDATION FELLOWSHIP (CFF) DONHOLM KENYA. Anger is an intense emotional state which is a response to a threat. Anyone can be angered but when it is uncontrolled or gets out of hand then the results can be fatal. THERE ARE FOUR TYPES OF ANGER: 1. RAGE. This is uncontrol...

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The four stages/levels of a believer.

BY PASTOR GITAHI DANIEL, CHRISTIAN FOUNDATION FELLOWSHIP (CFF) DONHOLM, KENYA. Rev 17: 14 "These will make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb will overcome them, for He is Lord of Lords and King of kings; and those who are with Him are called, chosen, and faithful.” God's Kingdom is strategic and each of us as believers is expected to take part in...

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Patience (3)

By Pastor Gitahi Daniel Christian Foundation Fellowship (CFF) Donholm. Patience in Prayer. Psalms 40:1 says"I waited patiently for the Lord ; And He inclined to me, And heard my cry."You need to give God time to work out the answer.God doesn't always answer immediately.We ought to be patient after praying and wait for the answer. G...

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